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Jersey Shore: Still the worst show ever, one year later

August 2, 2011

I was noticing today in my vast blog archives that exactly one year ago I wrote this fascinating dissection of the ugly stain on our reality TV-soaked generation that is ‘Jersey Shore’:

In that period of time, the show has not only remained on the air, it’s traveled to and tarnished my No. 1 fav country: beautiful, innocent Italy.


MTV turned 30 and this is what older generations attribute to us and our interests.



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  1. Andrew permalink

    I cannot stand this show. I mean seriously, they re-make the phrase ”dumber than a pile of rocks”. A pile of rocks is Einstein compared to ”The Situation”. There is no plot and every episode, they are either at a club, in a hot tub or ”smushing” eachother. Easy to say Jersey Shore is the biggest waste of a TV block and MTV’s money.

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